In hungarian means "soldier" or "footsoldier".
Captain: Mozgás baka! (Move soldier!)
Baka: Igen uram! (Yes sir!)
by Segmentis March 15, 2008
idiot. (its been said)
not the best thing to say in front of your nihongo sensei, especially if it's directed at her
by agent cyanide April 1, 2003
"and if she's persistent... baka! baka! baka!" -Notorious BIG, "Gimme The Loot"
by the_engineer September 24, 2006
The most overused Japanese word used by wapanese people.
by yns88 May 27, 2004
1. means idiot in Japanese
2. means keeping alive, living in arabic
by icherishme November 27, 2021
“baka” directly means “daddy’s little girl
the next words are yes sir.”
“yes sir”
“good, now ass up baka”
by bakatoewart March 22, 2021