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Any act of putting an item into your inventory in a video game, especially if you're not going to use it.
First made popular by a popular YouTuber DeliciousCinnamon, this term comes from a blind idiot translation of Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal. Due to varying graphical representations of putting inventory items away, a real life act of bag fuck remains a mystery, much like recipes for volcano bakemeat and kuang steak.
As the term bag fuck is also being popularized by another YouTuber, Slowflake, it may become either a forced meme or a valid Internet forums term.
--Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal
by Minkovsky July 11, 2011
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When a girl has a really good body but a horrible face so you would/put a paper bag over her face/head while having sex with her.
Boy 1: Hey dude would you fuck that girl? She is kind of a butterface. Boy 2: Yah I guess I'd bagfuck her...
by ChronoGawd June 19, 2010
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A girl that is so damn ugly you want a bag to barf in while you fuck.
Damn! Somebody give a bag to barf in! This bitch a Bagfuck!
by Fredrick Holtscock February 29, 2012
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having sexual intercorse with an ugly {bitch} by putting a bag over her head.
person 1- dude, that chick you were with was so so gross!

person 2- i know.

person 1- did u fuck her?

person 2- yea i tossed a a bag on her face and BAG FUCKED that biotch!
by h-nug June 08, 2005
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