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a classification or level of friendship in which the parties of good friends do typically couple-y things, consider each other their "bae", or at a level akin to a significant other; this term is neutral (seeing as gender is a social construct)
1. "Are those two dating?" "No, he's just her baefriend."
2. "What are your plans for Friday night?" "Dinner and a movie with the baefriend!"
by sassywordsmith December 20, 2014
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A Bae-Friend Is somebody you consider your best friend and you participate in "couple" like activities with but are not in an actual relationship with.
No, We're not dating I'm single he's just my Bae-Friend
by Behappybishhh January 19, 2019
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That one guy or gal you love more than any boyfriend/girlfriend you have .
Kylie's my baefriend. I won't ditch her for anyone.
by Aditya-kaushik June 27, 2017
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A gender-neutral term that describes someone with whom you are emotionally and/ or physically intimate with. It implies exclusivity.
Mary isn't my girlfriend but she's my baefriend.
by ddszn January 22, 2015
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Gender neutral term for someone you are dating
Useful for when dating a non-binary person or someone who uses they/them pronouns
"Hey meet my baefriend, Sam."
"Don't you mean girlfriend?"
"No. I mean baefriend."
"But isn't she a g--"
"No they are not. They are they, therefore, baefriend."
by Weeb_Queen December 23, 2015
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