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a classification or level of friendship in which the parties of good friends do typically couple-y things, consider each other their "bae", or at a level akin to a significant other; this term is neutral (seeing as gender is a social construct)
1. "Are those two dating?" "No, he's just her baefriend."
2. "What are your plans for Friday night?" "Dinner and a movie with the baefriend!"
by sassywordsmith December 20, 2014
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A gender-neutral term that describes someone with whom you are emotionally and/ or physically intimate with. It implies exclusivity.
Mary isn't my girlfriend but she's my baefriend.
by ddszn January 22, 2015
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Gender neutral term for someone you are dating
Useful for when dating a non-binary person or someone who uses they/them pronouns
"Hey meet my baefriend, Sam."
"Don't you mean girlfriend?"
"No. I mean baefriend."
"But isn't she a g--"
"No they are not. They are they, therefore, baefriend."
by Weeb_Queen December 23, 2015
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That one guy or gal you love more than any boyfriend/girlfriend you have .
Kylie's my baefriend. I won't ditch her for anyone.
by Aditya-kaushik June 27, 2017
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