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The conjunction of bad and radical, giving an 80s feel of extreme greatness.
Man, that website was badical to the extreme.
by Badical Extreme December 04, 2003
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extremely cool, very nice, a adjective to describe someone's apperance, or just describe how things are
"I'm going to a concert tomorrow" said my friend. "Badical" I replied.
by Flabergasted September 10, 2007
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Badical is the conjugation of "bad-ass" and "radical".
Poser: Dude, that fakie-kick-flip-shuvit was f*ing sick.

Me: No little poser, it was badical.
by cracker-ass-cracker January 25, 2005
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like radical... only better, and cooler, and more badical
by tornmatter January 16, 2003
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An expression often used by the social outcasts of Highschools of America. Often used to mean exceedingly awesome, in fact in some circles it's known to mean so awesome its scary.
"Did you see Jet Li reverse flipkick that ninja?! It was SOO Badical!"

I hope I never get on his bad side...
by Sensei Thom June 02, 2010
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