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Chaosequence is a genre of Noise Music that is a derivative of Harsh Noise, Harsh Noise Wall, Noisecore, and Extratone. Coined in the mid-to-late 2010s by Darkblack XIII, they described it as "chaotic sequence of completely dynamic noises so confusing that it causes a strong shock to the listener." Though not officially recognized/documentation by people in the Noise scene and labeled as a joke by some, this genre achieved a small success within a niche community of Noise fans.
Person 1: Have you heard Noisecore Orchestra Yet?
Person 2: Hell yeah, this is the pinnacle of Chaosequence
by Michael Washboard June 24, 2021
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A slang term for ejaculation. The term comes from the episode "THE UNCOMFORTABLY SEXUAL EPISODE | Prop Hunt #37" of Markiplier's Garry's Mod series, started when Wade responds to a premature ejaculation joke and his friends mock and make jokes about the use of the term.
Don't find my comey comey goey goey sock
by Michael Washboard June 14, 2021
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The act of taking a recorded audio sample from a existing source (often not made by the individual) to remix it into a new song, by either sampling drums, a tonal instrument, or any sounds. Some techniques of sample flipping are looping, chopping/micro-chopping, scratching, various speed, and instrument Isolation. Sample flipping comes from early experimental genres such as Musique concrète, Sound Collage, Turntable Music, Electroacoustic and early Electronic music.
You have to have skills to be able to Sample flip just 5 second of a song.
by Michael Washboard April 17, 2022
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Chipcore is the original name for the genre ""Nintendocore"" that features sound chips used in Chiptune music and fuses them with Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal. The genre features a whole range of sounds, from the simple inclusion of 8/16 bit sounds and synthesizers in a Heavy Metal song to being largely based around hard hitting Chiptune in the style of Hardcore Punk with screaming vocals.

In the late 2000s, the name was changed to Nintendocore by outsiders (because of a joke made by Nathan Winneke of Horse the Band) and some of the genre's community did not like the new name. Adding a company's name to the genre made it seem like a sell-out genre that was only made as a joke and poorly represented the sound of the music. The genre has gained a reputation for being filled with video game music cover bands and slowed in popularity near the end of the 2000s.
Woah, Horse the Band is the best Nintendocore band ever
No stupid, the genre is called Chipcore
by Michael Washboard December 20, 2021
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Not to be confused with Digipop which is a trap sub-genre with high pitch and auto-tuned breathy vocals.

Hyperpop is a maximalist movement of avant-garde Electropop music that takes characteristics of 2010s popular music and bends them to the extreme. The music takes many forms, with artists having inspirations from many genres such as Bubblegum Bass, Trap, Emo Rap, Punk Rock, Glitch Hop, Eurodance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, ect. All thought artists within Hyperpop don't have a common style, most often artists would use any amount of heavy use of autotune, glitchy and/or bitcrusher effects, distorted drum kits, high pitch/cute instrumentation and often use of sound effects.
Hyperpop is a great example of maximalism music
by Michael Washboard March 16, 2022
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A term which means to have the your power over someone flipped for you to become the powerless. This is humorous variation of "turn the tables" made to subvert expectation by flipping the order of words around, creating an absurdly worded sentence. Alternatively, the past tense of this phrase is "the turns have tabled"
I had enough of bossing me around, now it is me that tables the turn.
by Michael Washboard July 7, 2022
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A test for anyone to see if they could qualify as a main character based on their unique personality traits, appearances, and/or own motivations. This applies to any type of fiction, being most notably in animation were most tertiary and background characters are drawn generically and are two-dimensional thinkers that only act in accordance to the plot.
I mean, if only two people in the room pass the Main Character Test you better pick them.
by Michael Washboard July 12, 2022
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