Tastiest substance in our known universe

Also derogatory for cop
(Tim eats some bacon, looks off to the right, falls down due to the orgasmical event of eating bacon)
Bob: Shit are you ok? (eats some bacon(joins Tim))
by S.D.S.W. April 19, 2008
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The labia of the vagina.

Inner or outer and ranging in appearance from tiny and tidy, through streaky, to full medallions and at the extreme - pieces which someone has attempted to chew, choked on and had to be Heimliched and kept in hospital overnight as a precaution.
I was reading the Victoria's Secret catalogue trying to pick my favourite model, one of them was far more beautiful than the rest but you could tell she had excessive bacon and it made the process so much more taxing.
by Mr. Cardboard July 4, 2012
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The most tastiest food on earth, humans drool at the sight of it. The smell is incredible, only comes second to the taste. bacon can be eaten just about anytime and at any place. Any sane person could not turn down bacon if offered.
I am eating a bacon sandwich.
I love bacon.
I wanna have sex with bacon
by the moose! February 10, 2010
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Life. nuff said. goes perfect with mountain dew, or grape soda.
fk examples. bacon.
by DBigPoppaW June 30, 2011
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Jim: i feel bad for observant jews, they can't enjoy bacon
Tim: indeed. let's go mourn their loss by making a bacon sandwich
by pbfoot December 11, 2009
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Porky, salty, greasy goodness for any time of day.

see also Kevin Waltman
I could totally go for some bacon right now. Mmmm..hot, salty and greasy in my mouth.
by The Shiny Apple May 20, 2011
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