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"American shit"
Is used by most Germans to insult the way Americans do things.
such as, you may have heard the phrase

"Whats this American tv shit?"

such as when Animal face off hit animal planets tv network.

"What a kind of american TV shit....
A caribian marine shark from vs a hippo from Africa.

*with animation of them fighting*
the following comment was added
A freshwater african hippo visit a caribian marine shark!

Must live in AMERICA to believe, that the world is so small and simple! "
Al tho its not just the Germans who post statements like this.
it is also the middle east,Poland,Netherlands,iraq,china,Vietnam,Argentina, and partly the United Kingdom

The term is most used when something incredibly stupid is done by a American.
Hank: dude i just sent you a link to my new video.

Suffery: Whats this stupid American shit?

Hank: its not stupid.

Suffery: you lit a firecracker in your mouth and it blew up..

Hank: got bored..

Suffery: Ugh stupid Americans.
by suffery July 5, 2009
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Police Brutality is lethal and unwarranted force against a civilian.
Police officers do usually get away with it with only minor fines.
Hank: Howdy Officer

Officer Daniels: Do you know why i pulled you over?

Hank: not really...why did you pull me over?

Officer Daniels: i smelled drugs

Hank: from 400 feet away in a enclosed vehicle?

Officer Daniels: your getting off topic

Hank: ok then..can i go now?

Officer Daniels: getting a attitude with me boy?

Hank:no..i just want answers

Officer Daniels: Sir get out of the vehicle

Hank: ok..let me get my id from the dash

Officer Daniels: GUN!!!!!

Hank: do what??

Officer Daniels: get on the ground now!!!!!!

hank im not doing anything heres my license!

*officer daniels hits hank with night stick several times*

Officer Daniels: there...now i feel better about my self.

Hank: i cant feel my arms!

Officer Daniels: too bad so sad :D

Hank: The Police Brutality!!
*officer drives off*
Hank: Oh Why me!! why did they release the rule allowing the officers to beat us law abiding citizens when ever they want!
by suffery June 30, 2009
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Noob zombies is a word used by most forums and games to describe a infection of noobs.
They commonly troll forums posting stupid answers to every stupid thread there is which in return causes more stupidity with the once intelligent forum users.

The infection and uprising of noobs can be caused by one noob. or simply a newbie who is new and thinks he is better than those who have played years whitlist the user having a playtime of only playing 5 minutes..

Many users fear the "noob zombies" because it can start wiki drama and violence.

The symptoms of this Disease are the following.

1.stuttered speech (such as using ones or zeros in sentances or severe misspells)

2. Drama (noob zombies have been known to output a severe amount of drama.

3.Violence (noobs have been known to make personnel threats to people when in reality he would punk out)
Hank: been to runescape.com lately?

Suffery: hell no..theres so many noob zombies there

Hank: ok how about yahoo answers?

Suffery: ok ill take a look


Suffery: 0mg i f331 funn3

Hank: oh god no! suffery!!!?!?!!?

Suffery: 1t hu4ts

Hank: ill find a cure!
by suffery July 7, 2009
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to erase words with a keyboard
it it equipped with most keyboards in America
unless of course you decided to take out keys out of your key board.
tommy:i was typing a cussword and my mom walked by

suffery:did you get caught?

tommy:no.good thing i have backspace!

by suffery June 11, 2009
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To hypnotize your sleeping habits into your own.
This is commonly used with most office workers or for those who work in the emergency departments.

You can wake up instantly if you are needed and get out the door in less than 2 minutes.
Or you can sleep 5 hours one night, and 8 the next and 6 the next.
Most military personnel including those on submarines practice this technique.
Suffery: hey hank!

Hank:so tired..

Suffery:How many hours of sleep did you get last night?


Suffery:You need to learn how to be sleepnotic :D

Hank: Yea i know. Im still practicing it, I got up on a dime this morning :)
by suffery July 13, 2009
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The term chanted by most hard core southern rednecks to show there pride in where they live
rednecks often have flashbacks from there forefathers who fought in the original war they then have a small seizure and chant "The south will rise again!" often in ball rooms the wall mart or even the gas station where they hang out
scientists believe this is a genetic condition called "fades past"
the injurys of this genetic condition have been severe sence the 1970s when pride rained over.
rednecks began lighting there selves on fire
however a scientist found that beer reduces side effects of the condition. but unleashed more side effects

increased pride.
increased Firework accidents
increased truck explosions

however has tempered down the chanting side effect.
Bill: hey dude you wana go to the wallmart?

hank:The South Will Rise Again!!!!!

Bill:do what?

hank:sorry dude i have this genetic condition called "fades past"

Bill:alrighty then ill pick up a 32 pack

hank:cool dude ill pick up a box of 12 gauge ammunition we can burn off while drinking!

Bill:were the smartest people in the world arent we hank?

hank:Damn straight. now get me those fireworks! i have a idea!
by suffery June 10, 2009
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