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Affectionate term for a female. First used in this sense on New York's Hot 97.1 radio station.
"Send this out to my babyhead in Yonkers."
by John August 04, 2004
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mountain bkking term.
Roundish rocks which tend to be found in a loose jumble on hairpin corners or other dificult-to-negotiate sections of trail. Similar to death cookies, but bigger.
"I rode beautifully down that cliff, only to be confronted with a pile of babyheads"
by 64bitllama October 14, 2004
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From mountain biking: A roundish rock, about the size and shape of a baby's head. Avoid running over it, or risk crashing.
Dude, did you see all those baby heads back there?
by Brother Jethro August 30, 2004
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Back in the late 1970's, I dated a woman who said her high school freak friends called her baby freak, since she was a bit younger than them. Most freaks are potheads, so baby head comes from a young person who smokes pot, hence, babyhead.
by The dudearino January 27, 2013
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nickname that originated with one girl but was stolen by her married friends.
husband to wife, "hey babyhead"
wife to husband, "which babyhead?"
husband, "oh, you, babyhead #1"
by JennyJennyBabyheadJenny January 28, 2008
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The state of your being, usually inquired about in the form of a casual greeting.
Person One: "Hey man, how's your babyhead?"
Person Two: "Oh man, my babyhead is popped-off."
by Posthip August 15, 2005
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