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Unreal Tournament is a fast paced first person shooter style game.

The series is now on its 3rd game, unreal tournament 2004 (last was ut2003, and before that the original UT) and soon to release UT2005 (Think sports games). UT2004 features fast-paced, solo and team oriented gameplay, as well as good implementation of vehicles.

The game has almost no single player gameline, and focuses on battlefield style gameplay with implementaion of bots. There are many different gamemodes; including deathmatch, team deathmatch, bombing run, capture the flag, last man standing, mutant, double domination, onslaught and assualt.

Onslaught and assualt both feature vehicluar warfare, and introduce single crew and multi crew vehicles; including the scorpion, manta, raptor, goliath, hellbender, and levithian.

Unreal tournament is designed with a much faster, explosive gameplay than titles like counterstrike and battlefield 1942. Most maps are medium sized and will leave you to encounter enemies every 2-10 seconds or so, and with constant respawning, (not round based) this means that it takes fast reflexes and sharp wit.

The gameplay also features various acrobatic stunts, such as the ability to dodge (double tap a dirction key), wall jump (dodge after jumping near a wall, thereby pushing your characetr off the wall in a flip or cartwheel) and dodge jumping (dodge, then jump to send your character launching through the air at a significant rate)

There are also various power ups, such as double damage, shields, health pickups, health viles, kegs of health and adrenaline. The adrenaline powerups increase you adrenaline level to a max of 100, at which point you can activate one of four combos (speed, beserk, invisible, and booster)

The above are based on UT2004, which obviously offers more features than UT2003 and UT Classic, however these prequels can be understood by thier loyal sequal, ut2004.

Overall, UT contains enoguh features to create dynamic, diverse, and broad gameplay, complete with tons of maps (UT2004 comes with well over 100).
Unreal Tournament is a much faster-paced, explosive shooting game than counterstrike, but offers jsut as much fun and possibly much more variety.
by 64bitllama November 14, 2004

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mountain bkking term.
Roundish rocks which tend to be found in a loose jumble on hairpin corners or other dificult-to-negotiate sections of trail. Similar to death cookies, but bigger.
"I rode beautifully down that cliff, only to be confronted with a pile of babyheads"
by 64bitllama October 14, 2004

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This term originated from a webcomic called penny arcade. Saftey monkey is one of the group's friends that they constantly abandon, make fun of, and "tell him to meet places and never show up"

In everyday conversation, safety monkey is used to refer to a friend that is just there to make fun of. Sometimes this friend can still be a close friend and only the constant taget for playful jokes, however he/she might also be seriously attacked by his/her 'friends'
"John is our safety monkey"
"He's not really our friend. just a safety monkey."
by 64bitllama October 14, 2004

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Mountain biking term
A singletrack that is heavily overgrown with foliage, so a rider must etiher duck and bend to get through it, or take the brunt of it with their face.
"Ugh. that trail is a vegetable tunnel. Kepp your head down"
by 64bitllama October 14, 2004

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