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a Baby Gangster of a gang set or crew,The smallest member
Yo dat crew aint shit..all it got is BaBy G'z
by Influenced StyleZ January 31, 2003
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When a boy/girl greets a friend/girlfriend. Baby meaning friend or precious to you. G meaning Girl. It is another way of saying Baby Girl, but shorter. It is often used as a way for a male to make a female fell closer to him so that she knows she is important in his life. Or maybe just to get a girl to sleep with him.
Emma : Hiya Nathan.

Nathan : Hey BabyG. What's Up Girlie?!
by Emmaaaaaaa. February 03, 2009
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origin: Eddie Izzard
short for Baby Jesus.

see also: Baby Jee
(from Eddie Izzard's "Glorious" show)

Oh, Baby G.! We have followed the Star, which was a lamp post for a while, and we went around in circles, but now we’re here. We got a bit pissed somewhere… Somewhere near Birmingham, and now we’re here with presents. Baby G., we bring you gold!”

(sounds of amazement)

“We bring you frankincense.”

(sniffs, expresses pleasure)

“We bring you myrrh…”

(undecided sounds)

Yes, I think that if you rub it on the back of a duck, it goes quite fast, yes? That’s what… Or maybe it’s a small banjo… If you can spell it, you can have it! How about that?”

And Baby G. was very happy
by EazyCheez February 09, 2004
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A very intricate digital watch made by Casio, including a data bank, a day counter, five alarms, and a 1/100 sec stopwatch
"My Baby G is shock resistant, water resistant to 100 meters, and is mad bling-bling, yo!"
by WMT August 01, 2003
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Term used to describe someone that's hella tall. aka baby giraffe.
Yo, that Corrine girl, we call her Baby G.
by CourtneyItIs6636 August 04, 2010
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Short for Baby Genius, being a baby g is a rarity and hard to accomplish. baby g's don't smoke,drink or gamble. they have exceptional hygiene, are very intelligent (not by grades) they are kind people, have a good sense of humor, good looking, athletic, healthy, avid readers, class clowns, respectful, responsible, know how to have a great time and are just great all around people of the world.
john: Wow Max is such a baby g, i wish i could be like him
sam: that takes dedication man.
by BenSmith10 March 24, 2011
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The most AMAZING person you have ever met. The kind of person you go to for everything and who always has your back (....'she's a fucking model, look at her legs'). She's never thinking of herself and always thinking of others and you feel like someone special when your around her. She is your BEST FRIEND and surprises you with things like little gift bags when your sick, and will be there for you through thick and thin, she's your baby G.
She's my best friend, my baby g, the absolute kindest, selfless, amazing person in the universe.
by madsygirl September 09, 2010
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