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orogin: Eddie Izzard
short for Baby Jesus.

see also: Baby G
(from Eddie Izzard's "Glorious" show)

“Oh, Baby G.! We have followed the Star, which was a lamp post for a while, and we went around in circles, but now we’re here. We got a bit pissed somewhere… Somewhere near Birmingham, and now we’re here with presents. Baby G., we bring you gold!”

(sounds of amazement)

“We bring you frankincense.”

(sniffs, expresses pleasure)

“We bring you myrrh…”

(undecided sounds)

“Yes, I think that if you rub it on the back of a duck, it goes quite fast, yes? That’s what… Or maybe it’s a small banjo… If you can spell it, you can have it! How about that?”

And Baby G. was very happy…
by EazyCheez February 09, 2004
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