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A beautiful, sweet, caring girl who, unlike others around her, actually care about other people's feelings. She usually doesn't run with the crowd, preferring to listen to indie or classic rock compared to the mainstream. Corrine's are crazy, but can be quiet. What a big bowl of contradicitions they are, but in the end it all makes sense. They usually fall in love easily, but have very closed off emotions. Corrine's trust easily, but then find out it wasn't the best idea.

In conclusion, Corrine's are the best girls in the world.
by BeatlesChickie May 13, 2011
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The most amazing girl in the world. She's got looks, brains & a personality, too. What more could you ask for? If you don't already know a Corrine, you want to. Corrine is definitely the total package.
Damn-I want to make Corrine my wife.
by Another Dumb Blonde March 15, 2009
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Corrine is the coolest person you will ever meet. Anyone who meets a Corrine is lucky to know her and will be forever in awe of how cool she is.
Girl 1: Who is that girl over there?
Girl 2: That is Corrine.

Girl 1: She’s so cool.

Girl 2: I know right.
by geese4life September 02, 2019
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A hot girl with a nice body who attracts young boys to her. She is a total snack and a depressed boy stare at her chest. Anyone would be lucky to date her. High-key would smash
Dam Corrine is fine. I would smash. She's the only snack you can't find at the gas station
by Corrine a snack April 26, 2019
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