The Greatest Comedian in the world. one of the funniest men alive, known for his randomness, tendancy to drift off and his well known and catchy things to say. He is a executive transvestite, he describes himself as a male lesbian. he is also partialy dislexic, he used to be fully deslexic, but thts not for now. He is also intersesting besause of his style of comedy, he is not racist, or sexist, or any of these things, he swears, but not at people. He engages the audience and often goes off track. He is a modern comic genius, and a great actor to boot
Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People, But Monkeys Do To (If They Have A Gun)

This is the comic genius of Eddie Izzard
The cleverest stand-up comic. He's an executive transvestite, and he's best known for Dress to Kill and Circles. He usually uses history for his material, staying away from offending topics like sex and current politics.
"You can't claim us, we live here!
Can to! those are the rules...I've just made up!"

"We'll call it the physcotic bastard relgion!
(Or church of england sir?)
Or Church of England, yes, that works too."
by Katarsa December 19, 2004
Hilarity in womens clothes. Not to be confused with a fucking wierdo transvetite.
Has the illusion that everything looks like a huge upside-down squirrel. Fluent in virtualy every language known to man (or woman).
"if youv'e never seen an elephant on skis then you've never been on acid,"
by Joe December 5, 2004
Comedian Action and executive transvestite, know for jokes such as "we british dont win the olympics, its a political statement because we dont like our national anthem! god save the queen! thats a pretty damned saved queen!" and "CAKE OR DEATH?!" and other political and historical refernce jokes
by gillian May 3, 2004
For all you who don't speak French... thats fucking funny.

Possibly the greatest comedian ever. An executive and action transvestite. Didn't join the Army because they didn't have a parachuting transvestite brigade. Lost his virginity before he lost his virginity. Not a fucking weirdo transvestite.
"You can't take us over, there's 2 billion of us!."
"Do you have a flag?"

"yes, adolf"
"for our honeymoon, lets lie in a ditch covered in petrol on fire"
by 1337h4x0|2 November 7, 2004
A European executive transvestite stand-up comedian. Original as well as bizarre, with a hilarious view on life that leaves the mind wondering.
"There are no pyjamas in the valley of the dead!"
"Then we hit a tree. And I died."
The miracle that is Eddie Izzard.
by Gothic Wildfire June 4, 2006