A really sweet boy who loves his girlfriend. The cutest boy in the world. A cutiebooo!
Tom is my baboo.
by tahm3838 November 22, 2011
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Baboo is a love term or shortening of two things. The first is the normal every day thing baby and the second the american term or a loved one "boo". Thus baboo is made. It is a good nickname for people called Claire Glancy.
"I Dereck love that girl Claire as she is my baboo"
by Dereck March 13, 2005
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A sweet loving guy. (Most likely named Ryan) who loves and cares about his Queen so very much that you cant find anyone better than him
Ryan is my sweet Baboo
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A male lover that you do not want anyone to know you are seeing. Usually one party is of the Amish culture.
Michael just told me he had a baboo! I am heartbroken because I thought he liked women!
by Big Delores October 03, 2007
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