A man whom is very intelligent. At first, he seems shy, but earn his friendship and see otherwise. He is tall, but not the tallest around. He cares so much about others that he may forget himself. A Dereck is also very humorous, trying to turn a bad situation better. He will do nearly anything to protect ones he is close to. But this man almost always feels like something bad will happen. He will keep his feelings to himself to protect himself from humiliation, or making someone worry for him or about something else.
Dereck is a great friend! But he always seems worried....
by WorldlyCoyote II January 24, 2020
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Dereck's are intelligent men who are honor bound to what they say. A Dereck you see on the street is not the Dereck you will see in a bar. He wears many faces. If you are a close friend of a Dereck you will know that they are someone you could rely on. Something to look for is the cockiness of this man, for he will over exaggerate his experiences, and make it seem like he is the best. Well ... thats because he is. Moral judgement and a strength of will is compensation for not going with his gut feeling on any givin situation. All around good guy but, lacks the ability to be social at any given time.
Jessica frowned with dissatisfaction at Karli, "I don't get it ... He a genuine nice guy when we are hanging out with each other one on one, but when he's with his friends ... it seems like he makes jokes just to get the laugh even if it's on me."
Karli nodded with understanding, for she has dealt with many Derecks before, "Sounds like a regular asshole to me."
by Dereck Kavalich August 27, 2008
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Dereck is a guy who u would like and remember for a long time. he also is a person is good at sports and he love activities people love dereck but if u dont like him he dont like you. but dereck is a lovely person.
for example me and him go out and he see his friend but his gilr ask him out he would say no to friends because she ask first. #Dereck
by king gaddy April 9, 2019
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Dereck is a hot ass Mexican boy, has a BIG BLACK DICK, is really good a soccer and basketball, and steals everyone's girl and is really good rapping
by Dmoney12m January 17, 2019
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Dereck is a hot ass Mexican boy, with a BIG BLACK DICK, Steals your girlfriend 💦💦🍑 ,really good at soccer and basketball, and is really biss at rapping
Logan wants to fuck Dereck but .Dereck has pussy for days and is not gay
by Dmoney12m January 17, 2019
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unimaginative jerk who always whines, complains, and makes trouble. Obnoxious. Loud. Will always get you red roses even when you tell him NOT TO. Acts like he knows everything. Always has to be right. Liar. Ridiculous. Likes to talk behind your back like a mean girl. Actually male, but never acts like it. Perv. Will grate on your last nerve. Clingy. Always has to be in contact with you. Annoying. Repetitve. NEVER TALK TO A DERECK. He will wrap you up in all of his drama and you will never break free!
Obsessive. Self-centered. Snob. Not fun. Won't take you out on dates. Prefers to stay at home. Boring. Lazy. Eats like a pig. Drama Queen. Pouty. Cusses. Overreacts!

Will always think about his own problems before your own, especially when you have swine flu.

Talks using incorrect grammar. Tries to be cool. Fails. Hypocrite. Bipoplar to the MAX.
"Girl, stay away from him."
"Because he is SUCH a Dereck."
by JJK♥ March 15, 2010
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Lance is 37 years old. He's boning a 20 year old named Bruce. This makes him a Dereck.
by F'n F March 13, 2018
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