A way of telling someone you don't understand what they're saying.
" * speaking in a really fast voice * 'Sup I'm free this afternoon so you wanna go to the mall ? "

" baa baaa baa ? "
by BeexBitchyNessss!! June 5, 2009
The capital of the Indonesian island of Roti. Just about the coolest place name ever, and definitely a sign that that far east, you're practically into the land (water?) of Tiki gods.
Traveler #1: Forget Bali. Next summer, I'm going to Baa!
Traveler #2: Baaahahaha!
by WanderingDave July 24, 2006
A nickname for a shepherd who is top notch, one of the best in his field.
All of the sheep love and happily follow the Wizard of Baas!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 31, 2020
The formal name for the classic cocktail, Vodka, Soda, and lime. Specifically a single shot of vodka (usually Absolute or Stoli Elite) in a tall glass with Club soda or seltzer (preferably Polar), over ice with a wedge of lime.
Mr. Youngblood: Excuse me barkeep, could I have a Bill Baas please?

Bartender: Of Course, do you have a vodka preference?

Mr. Youngblood: Stoli Elite please.
by TuckerFcker July 8, 2013
baa moo is a ship name between two awesome people (melody and michelle)
“You should read Cows And Sheep Mix Well Together”
“What is it about?”
Baa Moo
Who tf?”
“Michelle and Melody
by meldody June 25, 2021
a news broadcast nobody listens to, where nothing makes any sense
by chuck2134 November 20, 2004
The act of video taping the destruction of home appliances.
Let's go do a boing baa of the old VCR.
by Bloodflame July 28, 2004