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The capital of the Indonesian island of Roti. Just about the coolest place name ever, and definitely a sign that that far east, you're practically into the land (water?) of Tiki gods.
Traveler #1: Forget Bali. Next summer, I'm going to Baa!
Traveler #2: Baaahahaha!
by WanderingDave July 24, 2006

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A thin, sorry excuse for facial hair consisting of a few scraggly, individually visible hairs scattered above a man's upper lip. Typically seen on teenage boys who can't yet grow a full moustache, and on men from ethnic backgrounds that typically have sparse facial hair. Pathetic for the same reasons as a comb-over, and very low class.
Jimbob's luck changed one day when he shaved off his mullet and his Mexican moustache. Someplace called him back for a job interview that wasn't a gas station.
by WanderingDave July 05, 2006

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