A person who is intellectually challanged, misinformed, or lacks common sense and decency, in addition to being extremely rude and passive agressive, with an inflated sense of self worth.
He never quite got over how much of a Biggie Baa the liar in fourth grade had been.
by Ravenclaw0429 November 23, 2020
When a male places his testicales balls on his girlfriends / wifes eye lids and she blinks really fast tickling his scroutum sac with butter fly kisses.
Man last night after getting a BJ I dropped my nuts on my girls face and pulled off the Baas Butterfly.
by bazingga September 24, 2010
P Baa is a shortened Southern greeting meaning "Pleasure, Brah/Brother."

Commonly used when you meet a new person or after the expression, "Thank you"
P Baa, same here.
by Giantbruiseonmythigh July 13, 2010
The ship between Melody (my little moo moo) and Michelle (baa baa)
"I ship Baa Moo"
by BaaMooIsReal June 25, 2021
The actual spelling of the secret words that help Babe the Sheep-pig communicate with the unfamiliar sheep at the finale of BABE.
I have no idea what it means in urban speak; I just couldn't stanf seeing its spelling so mangled.
by kerrible February 14, 2005
my favorite word; the most scary word to a juvenile
"Boogaly Baa!" that is the example
by Noju Tien October 28, 2004
Secret password. (To lead people, speak to what motivates them.)
What's the secret password? Baa ram ewe.
by jvsweet May 23, 2019