bboy Domkey
Bboy Domkey representing Beat Whakz ,Lionz of Zion and Flying Fist From the Floor. He dances with originality and mad flavor. He is one of the most stylish dancers in the world. Real bboy!!!!

Hey look it's Domkey the Italian Christmas donkey!
by Jouz December 03, 2010
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Breakdancing boy; A person who breakdances.
There was a B-boy at the party last night that was just tearin' it up!
by Shea April 29, 2003
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B-Boy to me sums up a male (female is a b girl) that lives to the full extent of the Hip Hop culture encompasing the 4 B-boying elements, Breaking,DJing,Emceeing,and Graffiti art..but jsut beacuse you dont emcompas all 4 elements doesnt mean you arent a B Boy,It is mainly a mindstate..if you're a b boy, you know it
Just a B-Boy standin in my b boy stance
by Sean Daley October 12, 2005
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not "break boy"! or "Bronx boy"

its not breakdancing its bboying
bboy stands for "beat boy"
because we dance to the beat

a bboy is a dancer of one of the elements of hip hop bboying which is the true dance of hip hop
by bboynick May 21, 2009
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The meaning of this title is often debated and described incorrectly. The true title is 'break-boy.' And it's true meaning is 'one that breaks.' Breakin' is an old street term to describe the action of getting on someone's case (e.g. My mom's is breakin' on me, the postman reached his breaking point, and snapped). The hip hop dancers of the mid to late 70s just used the exaggeration of this term to their dancing. The source of this information would be none other than DJ Kool Herc from the movie "The Freshest Kids."
My uprock is, is straight up B-boy uprock - Spy, The Man with a Thousand Moves.
by Bboy Plenny Fresh July 05, 2005
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A very gay term to describe a person with little or no taste in music or dance.

Basically, a b-boy is a faker left over from an outmoded 80s dancing fad that lasted for 5 minutes. (much less than the usual 15 minutes of fame)
Delmar was a superb b-boy and liked to hang out with his homie friend named "Milhouse" who had coke-bottle glasses.
by Milhouse_xxxx February 19, 2007
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Kmel is one of greatest bboy of all time.... representing Boogie Brats he has inspired many bboys around the world... Kmel is the true definition of what a bboy is...

If you don't believe me go battle him for yourself!
by Jouz December 03, 2010
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