bridge and tunnel an elitist derogatory term used to describe people who have to get into manhattan by bridge or tunnel
"She's a b and t skank" or
"They're so b and t, I bet they've never been to the Met before"
by aro d April 21, 2008
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(n)- Refers to an individual(male) with excessively large bitch tits, title given when individual has mastered the tremendous size of their bitch tits.

Girl-"DAMN! that kids really got some big bitch tits!"

Boy-"Yeahhh, but he's cool with it, we call him B Master T"
by PaPa1k3 October 4, 2010
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Brush my teeth.

May also be used as: "B your T's," meaning "Brush your teeth."
(1) "I need to go B my T's after eating that pickle & onion sandwich."

(2) "Damn, son, go B your T's. Your breath smells like shit."
by ilikeboyslol September 24, 2008
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The B Double T is the act of yelling 'It's Ben 10 Time' before orgasming in sync with your partner.
I did the B Double T with Jasmine last week
by Jack Zicey Baker July 7, 2020
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B. M., B. B. T. G.
Beat's me, but bacon tastes good.
B.M., B. B. T. G.
He was nagging me about some shit, so I said " Beats me, but bacon tastes good."
by Lost Dreams November 11, 2017
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New York centric idiom and acronym which stands for the "bridge and tunnel crowd" referencing the new Jersey weekenders who come into manhattan for dinner 🍽️ and a show literally!
B and t crowd is in town! How do I know? Cause the Broadway restaurants are always full of preshow diners then the subways get super crowded between 11pm and midnight!
by 4realazitgits April 17, 2021
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Another way of saying Beauty.

(Only works for text, doesn’t quite work out well when spoken)
“Hey babe, you are a B U T”
Excuse me?!”
Sound out each letter”
You’re an idiot
by DonjiKong June 30, 2021
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