as far as foreplay can go without hitting any of the bases.
I would talk to him, but he's double t-ing right now.
by Glinda the Good Witch June 20, 2009
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An evolved form of Triple D. Someone who used to have DDDs in her unrestrained past but has now matured and lives moderately though she can still let loose with the best of them.
Tammy was totally wild in her Triple D days but since she got married is now a lying low, Double T, but still has that spark of the old days.
by Selfdog February 2, 2010
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A tattoo on the breast region of a woman. Double T refers to "TITTIE TATTOO", "TITTIE TAT". Double T's are a dying art and are usually found on older women, and are usually very faded.
Did you see that old stripper chick in here, she had a massive Double T.
by The-One-And-Only_NathanOaks February 22, 2012
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Double T, meaning someone is extremely attractive. Usually directed at a male.

Originating form the word 'hot'- then 'hott' <-- notice teh double T's?
*hot guy walks past*-- 'woe! double t! I want him!'
by Eden J February 25, 2005
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An alliteration to describe someone with small boobs. Instead of "Double D's," Double T's stands for tiny tits.
Girl:OH I LOVE THIS BATHING SUIT!i'm gonna go try it on.

friend: girl no ur not. U need a push up with them double T's
by Whatathug March 15, 2017
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standing for "triangle tits", a name given to a female possesing extremely large nipples, generally a breast to nipple ratio equal to or exceeding 2:1.

ie. nipple diameter is greater than or equal to half breast diameter

formula for double T's: nipple©ª ¡Ã breast©ª/2

easily found when wet or damp, white/faded/see-through swimming costumes or shirts are worn on German swimming teachers.
1. F***, check out that chicks double T's! they're huuuge!

2. emphasised:

Person 1:
"By the beard of Zeus! check out the Deep Pan Double T's on that fat sl*t!! Fair f***in' devans ayy!?"

Person 2:
"Carla is a lesbian."
by Juzzzzznodingo January 15, 2008
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When male twins take part in a sexual activity together.It has to be only with the two hence "Double".The "T" doesn't mean twin, but taboo.Also know as T&T-ing.The term has been used toward Brother-Sister twins relationship,But is wrong.It could also be used for males with a Bromance who treat each other as brothers.
I went into their room and Jacob and Jack were Double T-ing.
by Cosplayteam37 March 10, 2010
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