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penis in arabic, common word used in the lebanese dilect to describe a handsome penis or a handsome guy
Chou ya ayr?
Lek ya ayr, 3tine el ayr.
by no2ta November 13, 2007
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a small 'old money' town on the west coast of scotland. around an hour away from Glasgow (scum city of the world). Ayr is very dull and lacking in entertainment. teenagers waste their time complaining about the town and drinking their weekends away in parks, on the beach or at parties. overrun with 'neds' or 'chavs' people tend to waste their depressing lifes away in ayr and ayrshire as a whole. knowing not much about what else the world has to offer and dying in complete racist ignorance.
chav one: 'what do you want to do this weekend in Ayr?'
chav two: 'drink'
chav one: 'aye, when dont we'
by Loather of Ayr January 29, 2008
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Either meaning, "Are you retarded?"
Usually used when a person says something irrelevant, used in text speech.
Hey man, I just sold a dollar for fifty cents!
by Vaughn Definitions INC. January 13, 2013
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