a classy way to describe an akward situation and also to break an akward silence. most popularly used in the lower portin of westchester (yonkers, hartsdale, bronxville) but suprisingly unknown, for the most part, in places like scarsdale and eastchester. the proper hand motion is your hand one on top the other palms up, thumbs moving in a circular motion. many people do it with the palms facing down which is CLEARLY wrong and classless. (see akward uterus, the retarted turtle)
so i was talking about that dirty bitch ryan from Maria and didn't realize she was right behind me, akward turtle or what?!?
by chyll June 22, 2007
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A hand gesture used during a situation where a conversation becomes akward.Made by placing one hand on top of the other and twirling the thumbs to make it look like a turtle missing it's front legs
Man 1:Dude I was talking to Amanda but I ended up doing the akward turtle
Man 2: that's just sad man
by JaKeEisthebestest April 22, 2009
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1. Used when a sitation is akward or uncomfortable.

2.Used to break the ice
a hand gesture made by putting one hand over the other and moving thumbs in a motion... There for called the akward turtles
by Dragon and kitty Boiz August 22, 2008
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