A gesture used to relieve the tension of an awkward situation.

The awkward salmon is usually performed when sitting, although it can be done standing. The person spreads his legs slightly apart and puts his hand in between them close to the knees. Then he rapidly moves his hand back and forth slapping each leg to simulate the sound of a salmon flopping around on the ground.

The awkward salmon can become even more awkward (and a lot funnier) if a person sneaks up behind another person and performs the awkward salmon on the victim.
Grandma: Damn your grandpa is good in bed.
Grandson: (to his friends)... AWKWARD SALMON!
by Philt5252 February 16, 2009
putting your arm in between a pair of legs and quickly smacking the victim's legs back and forth, sometimes extremely awkward. best results on strangers. originated in nelsonville, ohio
dude, what was that? it was really awkward. it's okay dude, it was just the awkward salmon
by dugout October 5, 2010
Originated in the Hudson Valley, New York.

The akward salmon is another member of the awkward animal clan. It is probably one of the funniest ones out there.

During an akward silence, it works just like the awkward turtle to relieve tension.

You put one hand flat and then slap the other hand onto the flat one alternating back-front-back-front etc, to look like a fish slapping on the floor of a boat.

The sound is the best part.
So...last night I walked into my grandma and grandpa gettin' frisky.


Uhh....AWKWARD SALMON *slapslapslapslapslapslap*
by The Awkward Expert November 19, 2007
A member of the Awkward Animal Clan, the awkward salmon is a movement performed during or after an awkward moment to relieve tension. One variety of the motion is to place a hand another person's chin, palm down, and wiggle the hand and fingers so as to smack the underside of the person's chin somewhat.
Grandma: Everyone's a lesbian in college, even I was.

Granddaughter: Uh...awkward salmon.
by vivelabookworm December 31, 2011
An act performed when the conversation has died down to the point of awkwardness. The act involves positioning your hand between the legs of anyone sitting nearby with a flat palm and slapping the hand rapidly between the thighs of the chosen person. This supposedly represents a Salmon struggling out of water.

Usually screaming "Awkward Salmon" in a slightly deranged voice is acceptable at this time.

This usually serves to make the situation far more awkward than initially perceived.
XXX: Hey have you heard about that... thing i heard.... about?

ZZZ: 'Places hands between the thighs of 'XXX' and begins slapping. '


by Flyin Weetard April 7, 2011
Similar to the popular term "Happy salmon" the Awkward salmon is the act of placing your hand between another individual's legs and just holding it there without moving your hand back and forth in the happy salmon motion. The Awkward Salmon quickly escalates the awkwardness level of the happy salmon.
"Dude, he totally just gave me the awkward salmon, wasn't even the happy one...just straight up, awkward."
by allie7715 October 13, 2014
A move that is part of the Awkward Animal Clan, an Awkward Salmon is performed when during an awkward situation, one puts his hands in between someone's legs, slapping them back and forth like a fish in a move basically identical to lesser known Awkward Trout.

Jane(in failed attempt to produce lulz):
I think Hitler was really a woman.

Tom(to another person present, not Jane in most cases):.... *AWKWARD SALMON*
by Girl On The Internets April 23, 2009