Averic is a baller that would cross up and brack his friends ankels up especialy if their names were michael,myles and ramon.But will not push off crossover! (Fake crossover)
Averic is someone that would cross anybody up in basketball
by Trippie baller December 9, 2018

Pronounced: (ay-verr-us)

Definition: The word that means to be so much more than perfect. To exceed the level of perfection.

Implying that instead of someone wanting to be perfect, perfect wishes that it was them.
Guy: "You are so perfect"

Girl: "No I'm not"

Guy: "You're right... you're not perfect.... you're averous"

Girl: "Wow, thank you so much!"
by theweekendlife November 13, 2013
cleanest nigga in the graff game, a true thug/player, many bitches on the daily
"look at the way jessy is surrounded by girls, he sure brought his aver game today
by arealgee May 31, 2010
Sacred Truth, told by a Truthsayer, an Averist.

'Instead of being selfish, and selling fish,
give a few away, like Jesus did.' -- Averist Marcus Hollman
by wordhigh July 18, 2010
Italian expression (literally "to have the monkey/ to got the monkey"). Typical of young people's slang. It has two principal meanings.

1. to have a strong obsession for somebody or something, or to desire something strongly. In the same meaning is used as well the reflexive verb "inscimmiarsi" (something that could be literally translated as "to be 'inmonkeyed'"). In particular, the expression is used in the drug-addicteds slang, meaning to be addicted to a drug or to have withdrawal symptoms for some drug.

2. To be in a bad mood or, in general, to be in a strange or particular but elusive mood
1. "Ho la scimmia per questo sito internet"
translation: lit. "I've got the monkey for this website."
meaning: "I'm obsessed with this website"

"Ha una bella scimmia per quel tipo"
translation: lit. "She's got a very good monkey for that guy"
meaning: "She really has a strong crush on that guy"

2. "Perchè sei così antipatico oggi? Cos'è, c'hai la scimmia?"
translation: lit. "Why are you so unpleasant today? What's up, have you got the monkey?"
meaning: "Why are you so unpleasant today? Are you in a bad mood?"

"Oggi Antonio è pazzo. Deve avere la scimmia."
translation: lit. "Antonio's mad today. He must have got the monkey."
meaning: "Antonio's mad today. He must be in a very unusual mood/ There's something strange (or wrong) in him/(or also) It must be happened something to him."
by Harold Hmuther January 10, 2009
Cuan do una persona quiere ir pero le gana la vergüenza y dice... No se / aver que
by Jsqwa August 20, 2018
1. having a strong feeling of opposition; opposed.

2. a small portion of the Bible, Quaran, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare or any other holy book, usually 2-3 lines long.
1. She is averse to enviromental degradation, that is why she recycles.

2. Read me averse from Ramayana, will you?
by Ishta September 27, 2006