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A sexy ass beast with a thick booty, great personality and looks that will kill anyone and anything dead at first glance. Great lover, one that will never be forgotten. Although he is a ruthless businessman, he has a heart of gold that will knock the socks off any person who happens to have the privilege to fall for him.
Oh wow, Cuan is officially the new Chuck Norris. Good at everything if you know what I mean...
by Courage May 17, 2018
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1) The name for cocaine used by a group of men who enjoy hookers and often have coke dick
2) Also, the word Cuan is often replaced by a verb,noun, or adjective to incorporate cocaine into the word.

Prounounced- KWAN
Kid#1: I'm not happy with my degenerate lifestyle

KId#2: Well, we can dig into a bag of cuan

Examples of Cuan incorporated in the English language:

- CUANdaliza rice
- CUANtastica
- In CUAN we trust (off a $1 bill)
- CUANstipated
- "I want a CUANopolitan to drink"
by fast cars24 June 18, 2008
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