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cleanest nigga in the graff game, a true thug/player, many bitches on the daily
"look at the way jessy is surrounded by girls, he sure brought his aver game today
by arealgee May 30, 2010
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Bomb of Lee Matasi, a Vancouver artist and local legend, murdered in cold blood.
"When I was in Alberta I saw an Avers train roll by. Lee was a busy guy."
by Andrew August 31, 2006
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general annoying , nerdy, tall girl who will get on your case every time you mess up.She will show no mercy to you on anything and always thinks she's smarter than you
Guy 1: "Ughh, aver keeps rubbing her A+ in my face"
Guy 2: "tell me about it!"
by kingpierceisboss May 27, 2018
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