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Noun. Name given to homeless youth along University way in Seattle Washington. A close knit group of survivors bound together by blood and tears, Usually left their homes due to abuse and or neglect. They formed tight circles to withstand prejudice and harassment by local "frat boys".

Most still keep in touch and regard each other as family. A noble group who came together to survive at all costs. They were vicious when threatened or cornered but mainly minded their own business, All but gone, the orphan core has risen in the rats wake, a poor collection of wannabes and poseurs.
"Those ave rats are some tough bastards, huh?"
by AveRatRhino October 19, 2011
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noun. a person who hails from a street called University Avenue in seattle, washington. this person is usually homeless, and like to try and sell drugs to people as they walk by, and/or start fights when they are high on crack late at night.

background: they are named as such because the "ave" was a nice place several years ago. lately it has begun a decline in quality.
hey man i was walking back from the ave when some fucking ave rat started yelling at me.
by Aaron April 12, 2004
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Homeless youth who live on University Way in Seattle that beg for change to buy cigarettes and hate their parents. Another characteristic might be dread locks, dock martin boots, severely stained undergarments, and are often holding cardboard signs or wandering aimlessly.
Ave Rat 1: Hey I was begging for change the other day and only got two dollars.

Ave Rat 2: I know, it is just like my dad. He gives me 5 bucks and the keys to his Audi then tells me to get a job.

Ave Rat 1: I know! I'm like up yours!

Ave Rat 2: Ya, so I lit his bonsai on fire.
by nighttrain February 21, 2012
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The street kids of the U-district were looked down apon. Kicked out or rejected by their families some as young as 10-12 for being homosexual, transgender, the wrong religion, artists, musicians, etc., ran away because of abuse or neglect and barely escaped, or were abandoned. They all ended up on the streets through no fault of their own. Shelters and organizations turned a blind eye because they didn't meet the "criteria" (blame the Becca bill) and other organizations require an address. In the early 90's they sought each other out, banded together for safety and survival and began to clean up their street home. They did what the police couldn't do, lured out the pedophiles and drug dealers, for the police to take away and drove out the scum, not just for themselves, also, for the other inhabitants. Pooling together with housed friends they set up communal homes to be used by all for safety, warmth, food and to care for the sick and injured. They formed a community with their own rules and used society's cast offs and abandoned resources for survival. They did not rebel to be different, society had turned its back on them. As the Ave Rats have grown and become productive members of society, cops, lawyers, techs, engineers, etc., they stil come together to catch up on each other's lives, help each other, and help the new street kids, (dubbed "Ave Mice" by many of the original Ave Rats) who are struggling to survive every day, and the Ave Rats are trying to help.
I am proud to be an Ave Rat!
by Pyxey August 25, 2016
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