An aunt with little to no interest in having children. Has much more interest in having a free and carefree life than the responsibilities of a family.
No I don’t think Miranda’s the mom friend I think she has wine aunt energy
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your hot aunt whose can you are always dreaming of tapping
young nephew dude: damn dad's sister is totally aunt poon

cousin dude: no shit i busted wood twice at the dinner table
by drpoonandtheteenangels August 7, 2009
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a womon in a magazine who gives you advice if you are a sad person with no one else to talk to.
person; " dear agony auntt, my best friend is so much better looking, cleverer, and an all around brilliant person that I feel inadequate. What should I do?"

agony aunt: "kill yourself" (not really; that last bits a joke
by bradhadair January 8, 2005
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Street name for the drug diazepam (Common brand name: Valium)
He's back on the aunt val
by Kit N February 19, 2014
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Female relative who has jumped the fence.
Dude, my mom's sister dumped worthless Uncle Earl, hooked up w/that husky butch in the flannel shirt from the food Co-op, and moved to Vermont. Now, she's my lesbi-aunt
by eyetye291 December 7, 2008
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when a girl is on her period (code word)
sallie: Aunt flow came to visit today
sue : ugh she's coming next week for me
by LoloMarie023 June 25, 2017
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