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4 definitions by bradhadair

Physical training anywhere from 3-5 minutes after you wake up.
by bradhadair March 15, 2005
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Agony. like i said,no one has the time to say the whole words, so aggers is short for agony. The unusually irritating among you might point out that aggers is actually longer than agony. My answer to that is - havn't you got somting better to do than count letters?
I have double science next; aggers.
also see: Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
by bradhadair January 8, 2005
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a womon in a magazine who gives you advice if you are a sad person with no one else to talk to.
person; " dear agony auntt, my best friend is so much better looking, cleverer, and an all around brilliant person that I feel inadequate. What should I do?"

agony aunt: "kill yourself" (not really; that last bits a joke
by bradhadair January 8, 2005
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from the australian outback. A billycan was something the aborigines boilded up their goodiesin, or whatever it is that they eat. Anyway, billio means boiling things up. therefore, "my cheeks ache like billio" means- er- very achy.I dont know why we say it. Its a mystery, like many things. But that is the beauty of life.
my cheeks ache like billio... see above.
by bradhadair January 8, 2005
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