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An amazing boy who has a huge heart, he tends to wear his feelings on his sleeve some might say. Very attractive, tall, amazing eyes, and consuming personality. Augusto loves easily and knows what he wants, very loyal and playful.
girl: hey is that augusto?
girl2: oh my goodness yes he is so fine.
by luaraprincess March 12, 2017
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Augusto is a funny, smart, loving guy that is short, but very loveable, with a big dick, and attracted to women very easily
Girl: hey is that Augusto over there he’ s kinda cute.
by Jacksparrow21 February 12, 2018
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That one gay kid in Jefferson High school in Tampa florida who thinks hes black, also he's racist as fuck.
Augusto man your so fucking racist your gonna get jumped.
by Mikael E. Cruz May 23, 2008
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