A girl that is such a slut that you do not use her name when you talk about her and everyone knows who you are talking about.
Yo did you hear that one bitch let 8 dudes run a train on her?? Ye shes dirty but I wont lie I fucked her.
by Dirty-C February 13, 2005
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A person, typically female, whom not only excels at being a bitch to such a degree that a series of non-bitches could learn to be legendarily bitchy, but also projects bitchiness in such a way that it becomes the problem of those aroud his or herself.
She is not only a bitch on her own time but Jennifer is a bitch around me too, making it my problem and her a One Bitch Bootcamp.
by Jeremiah Nordstrom May 20, 2008
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The very "top" bitch, meaning the "bitchiest" of them all.
"Angie is the number one bitch in this school"
by EsDeFF October 29, 2015
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A one reply bitch is someone who replies with simple words like: "yeah, okay, cool, nice, alright, yep, whatever, nope," etc
John: "My damn girlfriends mad, she keeps replying with okay"
Steve: "She seems like a big one reply bitch"
by LittleDumpling March 13, 2015
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"The one true bitch" is an insult used to call somebody a giant bitch.
Yanira: You annoy me to the point of suffocation!
Will: Says the one true bitch.
by iTakeLs August 24, 2020
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Coined by a two time cancer survivor, OTB means women have the inner strength to get through anything. That no matter how life kicks you to the curb, you always have the strength within you to stand back up.
Despite losing her job and her home, Sarah was One Tough Bitch and pushed forward to a new career and beginning.
by Shellfish18 February 3, 2019
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