Atwood, Kansas. A small town located in Northwest Kansas (state in the middle of the U.S.). It is the county seat of Rawlins County, and has a Population of about 1,200 people. Located along Beaver Creek, U.S. Highway 36, and Kansas State Route 25.
Person 1: What is the next town north of Colby?
Person 2: It is Atwood, Kansas.
by JPH917 December 28, 2016
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The act of punching or attacking someone due to a sense of right and wrong. Comes from the tv show the O.C's character Ryan Atwood who is know for fighting.
Tim saw a punk hit a girl so he pulled an Atwood!
by ohio_bloodgang August 26, 2008
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A cringey bug-eyed ex-prankster turned vlogger who uses forced, insincere positivity to push his merch to children and ignorant parents.
Hey guys did you watch that Roman Atwood video where he did black face? (yes it's a thing, Google it)
by whoawhoawoowaa May 17, 2019
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Best fucking prankster and vlogger the Youtube world has! Lives based on his motto "Smile More" and followed by RomanSoldiers who also say Smile More!
Jay: Hey do you know Roman Atwood?
Jeff: yeah I'm in his Roman Army
Jay: Me too!
Jeff: Smile More!
by MaxiJonson January 17, 2015
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A character from the hit tv show 'the oc'. His real name is Benjamin Mckenzie who plays an outsider from Chino who is adopted by a rich family.
Ryan Atwood is known for punching people and his line 'whoever you want me to be'
by shanti96 December 7, 2005
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Roman Atwood is a YouTube viral prankster that has a total of over 9 million subscribers. He does indeed have a family consisting of 2 kids: Noah and Kane. And his girl friend: Brittany Smith. He runs 2 channels "RomanAtwood" and "RomanAtwoodVlogs" that are both unique and entertaining! Roman is a very committed to his work and even made a movie with his friends: Dennis Roady and Vitaly. called "Natural Born Pranksters" that comes out April 1st, 2016.
Roman Atwood made me laugh heavily when he pranked his girlfriend and made her emotional.
by sfSabrina February 20, 2016
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