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An advanced autoerotic move, where a man lays flat on his back, lifts his legs up and over his torso until his knees are tucked behind his shoulders, then ejaculates into his own open mouth from a short distance. This move is known as 'performing an atwood'.
"Bro, do you canyoneer?"
"Yeah bro."
"Bro, can you suck your own cock?"
"Yeah bro, so deep that I can block my own airway. I can also perform an atwood."
"That's magical bro! You should definitely buy some Atwood Gear then do some canyons with us!"
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Atwood, Kansas. A small town located in Northwest Kansas (state in the middle of the U.S.). It is the county seat of Rawlins County, and has a Population of about 1,200 people. Located along Beaver Creek, U.S. Highway 36, and Kansas State Route 25.
Person 1: What is the next town north of Colby?
Person 2: It is Atwood, Kansas.
by JPH917 December 27, 2016
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