Like the best college in Kansas whoes mascot is the wildcats. Way more like than the hated Kansas Jayhawks who get lucky all the time take this 2011 basketball season for example. Kansas State is place to be if your a cool kid!
Guy 1: Hey Kansas State is playing ku tonight wanna watch?
Guy 2: No way i dont want to see ku lose!
by heyg March 26, 2011
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A cool and well-respected midwest university located in Manhattan, Kansas, know especially for the school of Architecture and Engineering, Chemistry, Agriculture and Equine Science.

The campus is scenic with lots of great limestone buildings and flora. The business and bar district, known as Aggieville, is a favorite hang-out for many college students.

Manhattan is a fairly cheap place to live, but the quality of life is still very high. The best part is if your neighbors are assholes, you can still shoot at them with airsoft guns and not get in trouble. It still is Kansas.

The University is also surprisingly liberal for being located in the heart of right-wing nation.

Mascot: Wildcats

Also home to thriving sports teams.
Kevin: "So I want to go to MIT and study engineering, but I am stuck in the middle of Kansas and don't have enough money!"

Professor: "Forget MIT, Kansas State University is just as good and is only an hour away!"
by WorldLeader May 03, 2007
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Ignorant savages who not only embrace supernatural figures, but who have also determined their youth to become walking retards by limiting their education to the Bible. What a disgrace to science and the human intellect!
Kansas State School Board 1999.
by not an ignoranus July 19, 2010
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