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1. Using a twitter account to describe, document and rapidly communicate every shit they produce in excruciating detail.
2. Metaphorically describes someone who won't stop broadcasting their stupid shit. By far more frequent and disturbing.
1. Shitter Twitter: Jus took a mnster SHIT with pepper and corn flecks. THE GAME is ON Twatter!

2. Shitter Twitter: Yeah! I found a new source for my independent study on gender specific embodiment!
by Somefinds April 05, 2009

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Someone so atrophied by instant feedback, congratulations and an adorable sense of entitlement, that the stress of making "adult" decisions often causes them to retreat to the safety of their parents. This move is often welcomed by the parents themselves, who felt unloved without someone to bestow lavish praise and generous material benefits upon.
So is that atrophy kid looking for a job yet?
by Somefinds April 25, 2009

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Broadly denotes several divergent subcultures, most highly concentrated in college dormitories (or fraternities), indie rock concerts, and fixed gear bicycles. Bred out an almost brazen sense of immunity and entitlement, middle trash people sometimes joke that they live in a dirty house, binge drink and gorge on free samples because they are starving college students. This is usually stated with a smug irony, since their education is often well financed by parents or scholarships.

This excuse, or others that justify behavior that they would find reprehensible in those who didn't attend college or voted republican, is actually only invoked to defend a very small amount of middle trash behavior. This occurs because a surprising volume of wasteful fads, terrible bands, classist vitriol or noxious political doublespeak are integral to a proud self-image, often as someone outside the mainstream or simply smarter, more interesting and better than other people.

Finally, middle trash can also describe various exploitative and anti-nuanced appropriations, such as ironically flashing gang signs or wearing a kimono.
I went away for a week and the house reeks of garbage. My roommates are total middle-trash.

My friend just bought five hundred dollar wheels to go on his middle trash fixed gear.

I just didn't like that the Chappelle's show was so popular with the Middle Trash.
by Somefinds April 03, 2009

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May also be spelled The O Bam. Refers to President Obama, while evoking the explosive orgasm released whenever he crosses the minds of white liberal men.
Phil Donahue just would not get off The O Bomb.
by Somefinds April 05, 2009

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Deliberately or subconsciously offending others, botching prospective relationships or otherwise disseminating negative personality traits as a pastime. People botching ranges from the careless (distasteful jokes, obscure references etc), to extensively premeditated offenses such as unattractive beards, conspicuous weight gain or relentless pun creation.
I wish I could have that year back that I spent people botching.
by Somefinds April 21, 2009

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From amusing to terrifying, outside jokes incisively reveal a speaker's deficiency and usually highlight their gifuckingnormous douchebaggery. While different eras would have forgiven or simply forgotten such excretory gems (you can't make this shit up), the rise of internet blogging, cutesy Daily Show quips and a President who planned 9/11 in alliance with Israel (see this is an outside joke!), The oughts became larded with pathetic irony purveyors. Though we may have left the golden age (or festering shit swamp) of outside jokes, examples are available anytime Barack Obama expresses outrage, a college student describes themselves as spiritual but not religious, or when a middle aged basketball scout salivates over a nineteen year old "physical specimen".
I miss Tom Delay for his outside jokes.
by Somefinds April 06, 2009

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