One of the most underrated cities in the U.S. Every City likes to claim they are unique, but we are the only ones that I feel, are truly unique. Before all the yuppie transplant outsiders came in, we were a cross between a small town and a big city, which was awesome. However, when the 96' olympics came, we started to sell out and lose a bit of that charm we are known for. Unlike all other major cities in the u.s. we are the only city that is actually equally spread out as far as things to see and do. Our whole culture does not reside in or rely on our downtown area, but rather multiple area that are linked to the down town area. There is something for everyone here. As well as throughout the state of Georgia, unlike most states, we don't need a lone city to make our state looks appealing and great.

1. Little Five Points a quirky part of town where hippies and goths and all things ecentic reside
2. Virgina highlands a place where rich suburbanites hang
3. midtown/buckhead, great shops and pubs, a place where anybody who's anybody frequent.
3. Downtown, mianly a business area, so not a lot of cultural things down here, but where a lot of rich history resides (if they aren't selling out and tearing them down in the name of tourism), MLK Center, Margret Mitchell house, wooddruff arts/ the high, the fox, cenntenial olympic park, grant park, the cylorama,Georgia Aquarium, CNN building as well as a host of eating places, both affordable and expensive to taste.

We also have one of the world's biggest, busiest and best airports in the world

Although I don't like the direction Atlanta is turning in now, I liked it better when only natives were living here, I still love Atlanta and my heart is here. You'll NEVER get bored here because there's something to see or do at every corner. I take pride in the eccentic people to come out of this beautiful city, because they represent just out eccentric our little city is and how different we really are (or atleast were) from every other city in the u.s. You have to have lived here for a number of years to understand our charm. Those who don't are just jealous and have an inferiority complex about their own birth place, that they have to knock Atlanta down in order to elevate the status of their own city.
Anyone who says that you get shot in college park, is obviously not from Atlanta and is either white or lame, or both. It's college park, good grief, not oakland, ca!! Y'all must come straight out of hicksville if you think college park is dangerous.
Oh and by the way, while all y'all hatin on A-town, please believe there must be something special about this place for everybody to keep coming here to live.... I mean really you can get an affordable lifestyle anywhere besides Atlanta, but you know this is where it's at, so don't hate.
"I like how everything is so spread out in Atlanta, it forces you to discover hidden treasures in the city, as opposed to talking a sidewalk down to the local pizza or cheesesteak joint"

"Cultures are defined by the city of Atlanta, Atlanta is not defined by the cultures that reside here"

p1: so where ae you from?
me: Atlanta
p1: really? what are you, like only one of two locals left??
by Atlanta-Navtie January 16, 2006
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Atlanta is a great city to move to for a better life; but at the same time it can be boring as fuck! You have to spend money to have fun here U know like: going to the club, going to the movies, and going to Six Flags & carnivals & shit. People don't know how to go out & just chill down here without spending big money or gettin high all day. Now when it get cold down here the whole city shut down U can just forget it just go in the house & go on myspace or sumem. Aight, now that I got dat off my chest lemme break down the countiies in the ATL area. Atlanta is one of da few cities wit GHETTO suburbs I didn't even know dat was possible. Most of Atlanta has nice neighborhoods fulla criminals so looks can be deceiving (lol did I spell dat right?)

Atlanta "Zones" are originally from the Atlanta Police Department but people still use these Zone numbers even when there out of jurisdiction and are enforced by Dekalb Police or sumem. They represent what side of Atlanta your from. So I'm gonna break em down and give yall sum example cities so U can get a understanding of the Zone areas.

Zone 1
West Atlanta
Bankhead, Cascade

Zone 2
North Atlanta
Buckhead,North Fulton (everything north of Downtown & Midtown dats Zone 5), Parts of Cobb County (EX. Marietta, Smyrna)

Zone 3
Southeast Atlanta
East Point, College Park, Parts of Clayton County (EX. Riverdale, Forest Park)

Zone 4
Southwest Atlanta
Adamsville, S.W.A.T.S.

Zone 5
Where all da big buildings & arenas at

Zone 6
East Atlanta
Eastside, Parts of Dekalb (EX. Decatur, Ellenwood area)

Cherokee: Racist ass fuck. So far away it shouldn't even be considered Atlanta but I had to let yall know its racist.

Clayton: LOL stay away! One of da smaller counties but the ghetto quality of people make up for the small quanity. Forest Park, Riverdale, Lovejoy, Conley, Rex, Morrow, Jonesboro....parts of College Park & Ellenwood. Competing with Dekalb County for the best looking but most dangerous county award; Clayco aint nuntn to play with. Houses are so cheap because of the chaos dat goes on. Clayton County got the worst school district down here. Dont let sweet lil city names like Lovejoy fool U. Niggas crazy ova dere.

Cobb: Very segregated. Cobb County still got sum racist white trash (Marietta Police & CCPD) & dey hate the fact dat we taking ova! U got cities like Marietta (Da May) wit real rich areas in East Cobb & sum real rough lookin areas in West Marietta (U can be driving down a nice street & make one little turn & get robbed) for example: the historic Marietta Square looks real nice but not too far behind it is the old Black neighborhood of Lemon Street infested wit drugs & hella hookers. Crime has gon up a lot in Marietta in da little time I been down here. White people slowly moving out. There are white parts of Cobb like Powder Springs & Kennesaw but not for long cause niggas slowly takin ova. Den U got cities like Smyrna (Lil Mexico), Austell (sumem like a extension of cities half of Austell next 2 Marietta & da oda half by Mableton),& Mableton (Mostly black but few white trash with Confederate flags but it obviously aint keepin niggas away so give it up) its close 2 Bankhead on da Fulton County border. U also got Vinings (Buckhead in Cobb) near Smyrna.

Dekalb: Got rich parts like Dunwoody & Chamblee, the rest middle class & hood. I'm proud to say dat lots of rich minorities live here. Dekalb County got sum of da prettiest hoods U eva seen it don't look bad like New York. Den U got gutta places like Glenwood....& alotta woods Kirkwood, Ellenwood, Edgewood.....Decatur where its greata, Stone Mountain, Avondale, Lithonia, Tucker, Panthersville, Redan, Druid Hills, Scottdale, Clarkston, Mcafee...too many to name shawdi.

Douglas: Touches Cobb & Fulton County. Has up & coming cities like Douglasville & country parts like Villa Rica. Lithia Springs is pretty much Austell but in Douglas County.

Fulton: Where da actual city of Atlanta is. Now U got like 3 parts of Fulton: North, South, and like inside 285/the middle of it. North is the rich side with cities like Roswell, Sandy Springs, & Alpharetta where Whitney Houston & Usher got houses. The middle part got Buckhead, Downtown, gay ass Midtown (trust me, shit Atlanta got alotta outrageous gay people overall its some gay dude dat be skatin all da time ova here), and the notorious West Side of Atlanta from Bankhead 2 S.W.A.T.S. (SoufWest Atlanta, where the movies Beauty Shop & Crackheads Gone Wild was filmed), & cities like East Point dat got alotta black people but SURPRISINGLY is a very nice place 2 live, U also have workin class cities like Hapeville where da first Chik-Fil-A is (DEY GOT BURGERS!). Den South Fulton got parts of College Park & like 3 up & coming cities dat you might of neva even heard of like Palmetto & it seem like everybody dat live ova dere go to Creekside High School so dey probably gon be building anotha school ova dere soon.

Gwinnett: Mostly white but has Mexican hoods. Dey tryna keep it White by making up laws but people are moving here anyway. The cities dat are close to Dekalb County have alotta black people but the further away U go the more White & country it is. Gwinnett County also has some great High School sports teams. Has nice cities like Norcross & Lilburn. They're building alotta stuff there too & with cheap houses it's da place to move right now.

Henry: "Tryna rep da ATL when ya from Henry County!" Southside Mafia of Clayton County, line from "Duck When We Bust" (Crime Mob Diss). Dat was how people felt about Henry County not too long ago, but because of the rising crime rate in places like Stockbridge (Glockbridge) ATLiens are slowly letting Henry County dudes rep da A. On dat note the ATL Area is slowly spreading as areas gain enough respect to be considered Atlanta with counties like Rockdale,Fayette, Paulding & etc. slowly on da rise.
How far is Atlanta from here? Well what part of Atlanta do U wanna go the part in Fulton, Cobb, or Dekalb?
by Yahhhhhhh!bitch!yahhhhhhhh! April 05, 2007
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1. Home of the 'downlow brothas'
2. Home of famous artists-Luda, T.I., OutKast,etc...
3. Home of the Braves
4. Birthplace of the FREAKNIC!
5. Home of comedian Bruce Bruce.

It's safe to say, many good things come from this city, along with the bad. But, that's any city, right?
1. "Downlow Brothas" are the ones that be trickin' up and down Peachtree St.
2. Freaknic...what happened to that? They need to bring that back!
3. "Love that chicken at Popeye's"- Bruce Bruce from Atlanta, GA.
by bigdaddynumbah1 April 10, 2006
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The capitol and largest city in Georgia. What people don't realize is that the city of Atlanta only has 400,000 people but its metro area has around 5 million making it the 9th largest metro area in the U.S. The city of Atlanta is famous for its affluent neighborhood of Buckhead. Buckhead is located in North Atlanta and it is home to very wealthy people. Atlanta also has dangerous ghettos like Bankhead, where rappers D4L, DFB, T.I, Young Dro, and more came from. Atlanta is home to Coca-Cola, CNN, Crunk music, and many rappers. Nicknames include, ATL, A-town, Hotlanta, etc.
Atlanta home to rappers, CNN, Coca-Cola, many suburbs, and hot ass women.
by Jersey kid June 14, 2008
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One of America's best cities. Probably the only two negatives of this place are the traffic(it sucks) and the crime. Other than that, you can't go wrong visiting here.
Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and is an awesome city.
by Atlanta dude March 30, 2010
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My favorite city to visit outside my hometown Chicago. It's my second home along wit New Orleans.
If I'm going down South, I'm talking bout ATL and NO.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
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The Capitol City of Georgia.

Home to the worst civil engineering in the known world.

Most of the citizens (transplanted yankees) are to terrified of being around black people to actually live in the city, so they live in the suburbs north of town. This is the same scum that clogs the interstates with their luxury import SUV / Crossover / Faggot-Minivans for 3 hours every morning and evening.

Also known as an Island of ignorance. The public education is a joke (The grammar in the other definitions should confirm this).

The citizens are the most pretentious assholes in the world and actually think that this second rate shit-hole is a nice place to live (this might be true if you migrated from an even greater shit-hole like New Jersey or Gary Indiana).

Also, my home town. It was better in the 80s when the murder rate was higher than NYC, at least then we were on top of something.
Atlanta is a shit-hole. I've never seen a people celebrate and worship ignorance like these pricks.

Yeah, well...it still beats living in Detroit.
by Jackofallfades September 28, 2010
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