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One of the three elite universities in the Philippines. It is composed of middle to upper class kids and occasionally, a few smart but destitute students.

It has a long ongoing rivalry with De La Salle University, another top university.

Both universities are known to have quality education and a reputable milieu in which students can thrive in.

Getting into the Ateneo however, is hard as fuck IF you're not smart (and when I say smart, you're the type that can get a B in school without studying because YOU KNOW you're good). One can experience this via the ACET, the Ateneo College Entrance Exam.
La Salle: I don't need to study hard coz my parents can buy me into the school
Ateneo: I'll try my best in maximizing the expensive fees my parents pay just to let me study here.
UP: Need we say more? We passed the UPCAT therefore we are really the cream of the crop
by savantwalker2 October 04, 2010
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An institution for dull-witted students. It may be secondary, tertiary, or graduate school.
Mom: You dopey child!

Dad: Maybe we just need to send him to an ateneo.
by chace o'malley January 24, 2009
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