De La Salle is a private, Catholic, all-boys high school located in Concord, California. The school is most well known for its football team which won 151 straight games from 1992-2003 under head coach Bob Ladouceur. The streak ended September 4, 2004, when the team lost to Bellevue High School of Bellevue, Washington. Famous De La Salle football alumni include Amani Toomer, Aaron Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Doug Brien, Cameron Colvin, Matt Gutierrez, Derek Landri, David Loverne, Kevin Simon, Demetrius Williams, and DJ Williams.
De La Salle's football team won 11 straight CIF North Coast Section titles from 1992-2003.
by Senobakaj May 31, 2009
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A Roman Catholic Order of brothers, founded by St. John Baptist De La Salle 1651-1719. It currently operates in over 85 countries throughout the world and mainly offers education to Catholics at various levels. In some countries known as The Christian Brothers (Not to be confused with a similar order Irish Christian Brothers).
De La Salle College
Christian Brothers University
Manhattan College
Bethleham University
De La Salle Boys
by SeanPG July 22, 2008
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A high school in concord, CA where the football team didn't lose for a stretch from 1991-2004. They created pros like Amani Toomer and DJ Williams.
Hey, did you hear? De La Salle sucks all of a sudden.
by Jack Schumacher October 6, 2004
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A school full of racists and homophobes where the administration send homophobic messages to the entire school. Kids are the least religious people ever?
Oh you're dating a racist, homophobe who goes to a Catholic school? She must go to De La Salle.
by Myboiiiiiiiiis June 21, 2021
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Poor school that can’t really afford anything eg pens and paper
Full of twats and the year 7s act hard

Most teachers are annoying

Got broken in to twice in 1 month

Tbf I don’t even think the cameras
And alarms were even working

Half the school claims to be gay

And the food is discussing
Oi you know de la salle ?

Yh that shitty school is Basildon
by Xboxkid088888 April 9, 2020
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De la salle is a french arts school conveniently located near Rideau. 75% of its students are girls, so guys have no trouble getting any action. There a lot of hipsters at this school who go behing Paesano's during breaks to get high or to smoke a dart. Since its an arts school, everyone has a really unique style. Everyone knows that de la salle parties are the best parties, even though they rarely ever happen. They play the best music and theres lots of dancing. Everyone is also really accepting of others and involved in the arts, even m. Morin who wears a different tie every day. BUT BEWARE OF SOUCY!
Boy: Hey what school do you go to?
Girl: De La Salle
Boy: Damn that's why you can shake dat booty so well
by February 18, 2016
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A strict, tight up high school in Basildon, Essex.
The student service ladies are sarcastic,

the math teachers are evil,

and the music teacher wears no shoes.
It produced no famous people, but instead a string of thrown out druggies, retards and wanna-be's.
ah, that kid?

he must of gone to De La Salle School.
by iwilleatyouNOMNOM January 16, 2011
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