indonesian (especially Javanese) slang, more to rude/swearing word, which means "dog", "bad guy",
heh! minggir loe, asu! (get out of my way, asshole!)
by darck91 January 17, 2012
asu is an acronym for "as you should" - the 'you' and 'should' are switched up for aesthetic reasons.
"I am taking some time off for self care"
"asu queen"
by Pretty Damn Penny February 16, 2022
A computer parts company dedicated to making great products and having subpar support.
My ASUS graphics card is DOA and they won't fix it!
by That PC Parts Guy October 25, 2016
The best motherboard making company in the world!
This Asus board is soo reliable, not like my old Biostar board that had the wrong bios installed on it...
by Coldbeer January 6, 2005
Home of STD'S
- (9/10 girls have it)
- scumbag school
- can get in with a GPA of 2.7
-where there are annual playboy meetings

-legitament facts...look it up
I'm from ASU.
- Dayuummmmnn, you got fungus down there??!! (no sex with you tonight)
by john jaggerrs April 8, 2010