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Any individual who has an excessive fetish for outer space or astronomic topics as to (almost) turn it into a sexual tendency
While zoophiles spend their leisure time in barns or pet stores, astrosexuals spend most of their time locked inside local observatories allegedly "searching the skies for new discoveries"
by 0rphe October 15, 2009
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To ONLY be attracted to kpop legends β€˜astro’, the inventors of music itself.
Astro outsold your favs ,I’m astrosexual
by Aroha May 04, 2018
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1. Someone who constantly uses the sexual lubricant Astroglide while getting laid.
2. Someone who enjoys having sex while he or she is under the influence of drugs.
1. Vicky: (naked on her bed) Hey honey are you ready yet?
Brad: (in the restroom getting undressed) Yeah baby, but just hold on one second. *rubs a bunch of Astroglide on his penis while muttering to himself* Woohoo! I'm gonna fuck this bitch into orbit!

2. Jenna: Alright, baby now that we are both naked, you know what we should do before foreplay.
Jason: Hell yeah, so we are gonna feel like we're actually making love like we are far up above in the heavens! *dishes out the joints and LSD*
by Mark H September 16, 2004
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Being attracted to the opposite person, that has a star sign, moon and sun that's like yours exaclty.
I'm such a astrosexual, Michael is a aquarius , moon and sign , so am I.
by _Tyeler_ October 08, 2019
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