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Astro is a South-Korean boy group under "Fantagio Entertainment". They debuted on Feb. 23, 2015 with their title track "Hide & Seek".

The group consists of 6 members:

JinJin (Leader/Main Rapper)
MJ (Main Vocalist)
Eunwoo (Visual/Vocalist)
Moonbin (Lead Vocalist/Lead Dancer)
Rocky (Main Dancer/Lead Rapper)
Sanha (Maknae/Lead Vocalist)
Person 1: OMG have you seen the new ASTRO MV?!
Person 2: Yes!! They all look so cute~
by chim.bambam.the8 June 20, 2017
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possibly the coolest kind of person one can be.
they smoke lots of weed but people need to get the fuck over it.
others strive to be like astroz or astra-hoes, especially faggot ass uptight bitches.
"yo, lets go chill with the astroz, not those faggot ass bitches."
by anurbandictionarywriter March 21, 2010
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By far the most awesome baseball club in the national league. However, they got worked by those gangsta White Sox from Chicago in the 05 World Series, the first World Series appearance for the Astros.
Go Astros, or Go 'Stros
by 'StroMan April 10, 2009
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Short for astronomical. A word used by skaters to describe something that’s totally bomb, usually like a difficult trick that they can do or see someone doing.
Damn, jah see home boy land the Caballerial? Dat flip is so astro.
by Let me be anonymous August 02, 2008
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Always Stating The Really Obvious
similiar to Captain Obvious.

user1: you are such a republican
user2: dont listen to him he's ASTRO
by deervark September 01, 2005
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The most pathetic excuse for a team in Major League Baseball. Consistantly field a shit excuse for a team. Piss poor management, redneck local yokel owners, clueless scouts, and lackadaisical players add up to consistant failure.
Astros lose again
by rlrsltx July 30, 2011
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1. an incredibly satisfying blowjob.
(see dome; i.e. Astro Dome.0
Damn shorty that was some good astro.
by Herb April 10, 2003
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