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When a girl is giving you fellatio, and you put her in a leg lock so she begins to choke on your penis. While stuck, you take two fingers and smear poop on her upper lip, giving her a Hitler moustache. When you release her she will be wheezing on the ground with said moustache, and will have received the Asthmatic-Hitler.
Steve: Yo I'm pretty sure I'm going to jail
David: For what?
Steve: I gave that girl the asthmatic-hitler and she died

David: Sucks man..
by Normal dude 44 February 20, 2011

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A variation of the move skiing, when a man or woman jacks two men off, one on each side, while giving fellatio to a man in front.
Garret: What were you up to over the weekend?
Ben: Got together with a few friends and took them skibobbing
Garret: ....
by Normal dude 44 March 28, 2011

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