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Jay: soo what you doin today
Kya: nun u can come ova assum
by Deffo.zi July 7, 2022
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To take a belief or identity or bit of information, whether it's false or fact.
No, he doesn't want you to treat him like a conquering hero if that's not who you really think the guy is. He would rather you let him know what you really think of him without the false optimism, that way he can let you know what he really thinks of you. You'll never know if he can actually handle what you say or do until after you grow the pair of balls you will need to say or do it directly, otherwise you'll have to assume you made him overthink.
by The Original Agahnim October 3, 2021
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Thinking you know something and trusting in it.
A lot of people assume something based on a first impression. Some keep on doing it their whole life.
by The Original Agahnim August 1, 2021
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A way to fill in a blank or empty space.
They assumed he didn't already know about it.

The guy/girl assumed the powerful role in the company when the other guy/girl was forced out and lost his/her home.
by The Original Agahnim November 29, 2021
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A person who assumes
Oh you're gonna assume now you assumer?
by RetardedRuby April 24, 2022
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Assholes consuming rumors
I don’t like Assumers, they never want info directly from the source.
by GJeezz May 25, 2022
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Assuming is not the same thing as knowing, or being able to rely on something.
Assuming something that has been there, been doing good, or hasn't shown shown signs of failure in the last 12 years or more is guaranteed to be there tomorrow is a dangerous assumption. Never assume the machinations of a few people won't send everybody back to the Stone Age taking everything from today with it tomorrow. It would be everyone's undoing but people like that if everyone else kept assuming no harm would come to them, their people, their home, their business, or anything else ever again without a fight.
by The Original Agahnim October 13, 2021
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