A close relative of an asshat, an assmonkey is best defined as 'any disagreeable idiot who has successfully combined being an asshole with the brainpower of a monkey fed LSD'.

Eytemology is unknown, but there are perhaps links to Wayne's World, and the line "Pshyeah, and monkeys might fly out my butt."
"God, could Nicholas be any more of an assmonkey? RTFM, n00b."
by Minor Ramblings September 5, 2005
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1:(n) a complete idiot

2:(n) a useless individual

3:(n) a combination of both in a supervisory position
1: "only an assmonkey wouldn't know that"

2: "that assmonkey can't do anything without fucking it up"

3: "Eddie is such an assmonkey, how'd he get to be a supervisor? And what assmonkey made him a supervisor?"
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1.Someone that asks stupid questions.
2.A complete idiot.
'That guy is such an AssMonkey!'
by MINIxxx January 5, 2006
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Someone or something that, on purpose or by accident, regularly screws up situations that take a lot of time, patience and effort to get to, including finishing an artistic masterpiece or concluding successful business negotiations.
Assmonkey! You knocked over my domino chain! That thing took three fucking hours to set up!
by averhan June 28, 2009
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1. A homosexual man.

2. An asshole with the intelligence of a monkey.

3. A homosexual man with the intelligence of a monkey being an asshole.

4. A total fucking idiot (see fucktard)

5. Actual monkey in someone's ass.
"What a barrel of fucking assmonkeys."
by Joe Daddy October 4, 2002
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A monkey with an obscenely large ass, so large that its head actually goes up its ass.

You can buy them in places that are infested with assmonkeys, such as, the white house. "bo-de-gas", nigga
"hey is that derek?"

"yeah, hes a fuckin assmonkey"

"who cares"
by r0fl November 18, 2007
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1. the species of primate that swing from the canopy of your asshairs and eat dingleberries.

2.A fag.

3. A dumbass.
1. rob:Yo tom, can you have crabs in your asshairs? cuz my ass itches.
tom: maybe you have a troop of assmonkeys down there.
rob: ?
by luis.... August 19, 2008
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