4 definitions by Joe Daddy

1. A homosexual man.

2. An asshole with the intelligence of a monkey.

3. A homosexual man with the intelligence of a monkey being an asshole.

4. A total fucking idiot (see fucktard)

5. Actual monkey in someone's ass.
"What a barrel of fucking assmonkeys."
by Joe Daddy October 4, 2002
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Marquest he is kinda funn Thinks he has all the girls but really doesn’t he will get mad for no reason and he is smaller in size if you know what I mean 😂
Marquest is funny
by Joe Daddy November 3, 2019
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An easy to use acronymn when dealing with moronic incompetents in the online world.

Use when not particularly interrested in thinking up a some new glib whitticism.
00:21:17 <jhboy> I like to wank little boys.
00:21:23 * jhboy was kicked by JoeDaddy (GTFO)
by Joe Daddy February 9, 2004
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