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A close relative of an asshat, an assmonkey is best defined as 'any disagreeable idiot who has successfully combined being an asshole with the brainpower of a monkey fed LSD'.

Eytemology is unknown, but there are perhaps links to Wayne's World, and the line "Pshyeah, and monkeys might fly out my butt."
"God, could Nicholas be any more of an assmonkey? RTFM, n00b."
by Minor Ramblings September 04, 2005
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A feature at conventions and trade shows in male dominated industries, a 'booth babe' is an attractive female member of staff sent to hand out pamphlets and attract attention for the company by dint of owning a pair of breasts.

Since many female staff members find this distasteful, many companies resort to hiring cheerleaders or other pin-ups instead.
"God, I'm stuck playing booth babe again... I swear, this is a discrimination suit waiting to happen."
by Minor Ramblings February 22, 2006
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