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1. Acts committed by an asshat or asshats. 2. Engagement in an activity normally reserved for asshats.
I demand that all of you stop this asshattery at once!
by BlastMaster May 16, 2003
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doing, saying, or participating in anything that makes oneself and asshat

derived from 'asshat' (a person who has their head so far up their OWN ass that they are wearing their ass as a hat)

synonyms include: shenanigans, hoop lah, tom foolery and the like.
Guy 1: We've got enough booze to get through at least the first 3 weeks of the semester!

Guy 2: Let the asshattery begin!
by mrshert September 06, 2011
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A colorful way to describe the boorish and often taxing antics of a foolish and uninformed individual; an act or series of acts committed by an asshat.
This asshattery has gone on for long enough!
by Brash January 07, 2007
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1. The act of displaying properties or characteristics of an asshat. This includes but is not limited to wearing your ass for a hat or saying/commiting an act that causes the audience in presence to become dumber.

2. The art of becoming or practicing flagrantly being an asshat.

1. "This is clearly asshattery! Where's my label maker? He said don't lick the lead bullet."
by AzNGuNSmokE November 03, 2005
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The activities which lead one to become called an asshat.
**sees man on TV trying to launch model rocket off of his thickly moussed-back long hair**

"what manner of asshattery is this?"
by Faber_tastic September 12, 2006
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