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HEAH is a popular saying that started somewhere in Western Washington. It quickly spread throughout the state around 2005 and 2006 and made its way to Oregon in late 2007. Heah continues to be heard around Washington and Oregon and has even been reported being heard in Idaho.

Heah is used to replace any word in a sentence or is even used as a word all in its own. When used to replace a word in a sentence or conversation, the people conversing usually know each other well enough so that they can decipher what the word Heah is replacing. When used all in its own, Heah is usually yelled as a interjection word mid-sentence, either by the speaker or the listener. It is used in this manner usually as an attempt at humor.
Example as a replacement word -
"Oh my god go suck on a fatty HEAH!"

Heah meaning cock in this instance.

Example as an interjection -
"Hey Sean did you play that new video ga-HEAH!!!"
by Ruby Rod September 12, 2009
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an interjection used to delay speech so as to give the brain a chance to boot up.

"Heah, don't know how I feel about the new Tool album"

"Heah, Gene's a real prick."
by Cozwell Horsepepard May 19, 2006
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