bitch, it’s a word. deal with it

when your assclown twin brother takes your phone when it’s charging
"i left it in there charging assclown"
by iamjustarandomperson October 12, 2017
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Synonym for US President 2000-2008, George W Bush.
When hurricane Katarina hit the USA in August 2005, aid and evacuation was slow because
1) Military material was in Iraq
2) Military personel was in Iraq
3) Funds for disaster management was in Iraq
4) Global warming causes the creation of stronger hurricanes (scientifically proven) yet the Bush has always refused to do anything about the environement
Oh man! That guy is an assclown!!!
-A what??
A george W Bush.
-Oh yeah, a fukkin asshole you mean?
by US inhabitant September 4, 2005
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One, who on a date, gets drunk and wraps up himself in a sheet in the back of his vehicle.
Jim was a total assclown last night when he passed out wrapped up in a sheet like a burrito.
by Sharon Rae J. December 22, 2009
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Someone who act like a combination of the two words clown and ass. This person is somewhere in the middle but always a fucking moron.
If Tom wasn't being such an assclown he would understand you shouldn't anally fuck a girl on the first date.

Entingh's assclownery knows no bounds.
by PhillTheDeal March 2, 2006
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A person with chemically-grown yellow hair, orange skin and a fat ass who "thinks" he's a stable genius but is in fact a volatile imbecile. An assclown believes he is adored by the masses when, in fact, the masses are laughing at him behind his back.
I'm afraid we have elected a complete assclown as president.
by Nipplebumpkiss February 18, 2018
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proper noun: 1- common unspoken synonym for sir or maam in a waiter's vocabulary
2- a graduate of the university of tennessee
yes assclown, i would be happy to bring your day-glo orange prison jumpsuit wearing cousin humping ass another lemon for your fat-ass overmedicated undereducated precious wife's sweet tea.
by richard todd January 25, 2006
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somebody acting incredibly stupid or doing idiotic actions; usually verbalised in anger or frustration towards a person.
zayn- you're going to hit your head Jim
*jim does a backflip and hits his head*
zayn- I told you you assclown!
by mapleeggos October 14, 2017
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