-female parts that males just can't get enough of
"hey lemme get some of dat ass and titties"
by ecejkwhnhjldhyue June 18, 2019
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the most important qualities to look for when choosing a female to be your bitch.
by Nick D April 3, 2003
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An actual song by DJ. Assault.

This song has many videos regarding women shaking their asses and dancing.

What men basically Judge women by in terms of body. Sad but True.
Mack: This song is the Shit!

John: Hey Mack, what are you listening to?

Mack: Ass and Titties man!

John: Is it good?

Mack: Yeah!
by Fruityogos October 6, 2010
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a popular adult site, ass-and-titties.com
The bitch with big titties, I saw her on ass and titties dot com
by Nerdys April 10, 2008
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something that can look, smell and overall appear bad
Damnnn girl, your breath smells like ass and titties.
Yo, your weave looks like ass and titties.
by MiSZ BABY PHAT April 22, 2007
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Ass n Titties, Ass n Titties, Ass Ass, Titties Titties, Ass n Titties
by John Lefoot July 28, 2006
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